Your logo and identity is, I’d say, the most important visual aspect of your company, it is what the public and your clients see first. A well designed brand is vital to your business’ success. Building a brand isn’t just making people aware of your business, it’s also about gaining the trust and respect of customers and suppliers.

Therefore, I personally feel that creating  a logo and branding that will reflect the true identity of your business and one where you can be proud of what you are offering to your customers is of utmost importance.

Investing in your brand has many benefits, one of the more vital aspects of that being the potential to maximise your audience and therefore your income. I put my soul into producing great branding. I follow a strict process which is now second nature! A lot of research goes into my client’s competitors, target audience, industry and Unique Selling Point (USP). I then work to create a brand that is consistent, recognisable and unique to you, develop this so it works across all mediums of business branding, from your main logo to your website graphics as well as stationery, flyers & business cards too.

It is key that your brand remains consistent throughout your marketing, this will build a brand that is strong, recognisable and one which people will trust. For example, if you advertised in the local newspaper with one logo and then distributed flyers with a different logo, you are likely to confuse potential new customers. That’s why working with one design company can produce such great results.